Halls for rent

The Brodt Center for Jewish Culture is located in the cultural heart of Tel Aviv, close to Beit Ariela, the Tel Aviv Museum, and the Opera House.  It is housed in an impressive new building that displays remarkable aesthetics and design.

The Center contains a variety of halls and rooms that meet the needs of different activities, including seminars and lectures, conferences, workshops, concerts, recitals, theatrical and musical productions, movies, rehearsals, and more.

Organizations and institutes planning an event and seeking an impressive location can rent a hall for their activities.


Accommodation at the Brodt Center includes:

Lobby: A luxurious, marble-floored foyer at the entrance to the building that can be used for assemblies, receptions, and light refreshments.

Auditorium: At the center of the building, on the ground level, this striking hall is divided into a lower level seating 112 persons and an upper one seating 40. The auditorium has wooden paneling and provides cushioned seats, a stage, and a grand piano. Its fine acoustics are particularly suitable for concerts, recitals and other musical events. The technical equipment available at the hall includes a large 3X4 meter screen for screening movies and presentations, and basic sound amplification.

Study rooms: The Brodt Center offers four study rooms with 25 seats in each. These rooms are fully furnished, each of them including a whiteboard and a piano keyboard.

Mid-sized rooms: The Center offers two more halls – a ground-floor hall with 80 seats and an upstairs library seating 50. These  are also fully furnished.

Wheelchair accessibility: A wheelchair ramp leads from the street level to the Center’s ground floor, which contains the lobby, the auditorium, and the lower hall.

Refreshments: If required, refreshments for events may be ordered in coordination with the Brodt Center.

For details about use of the Center and price rates, please contact Aliza at 03-6954522 or info@brodt-center.org

The Brodt Center is conveniently located close to main routes in Tel Aviv, providing easy access for guests coming from within Tel Aviv or from out of town.