Looking for answers -the road to repentance .
Micha Goodman, Gal Gabbai, Racheli Malek-Buda , Rabbi David Stav, Jackie Levi

A unique event: collaboration of the Brodt Institute and the newspaper Makor Rishon with intellectuals, cultural commentators and contemporary events making a personal and public soul searching in the period leading up to the High Holiday Days.

Wednesday 25/9: Brodt Institute from 19.30

19.30 -20.45
“Religion without repentance”
Based on Micha Goodmans latest best seller Hazara bli Teshuva
Micha Goodman,Gal Gabbai and Yehudah Yifrach
Original and astounding insights on the great controversy dividing today’s Israeli society in connection to Goodman’s book.

20.45 -22.00
The next generation
Racheli Malek-Buda ,Rabbi David Stav, Jackie Levi
Between past and future,between traditionalism and progressivism ,how to educate our children to upholding our tradition in an age of change and constant movement.

Introduction to the world of Piyyut .Communal playing and singing wonderful tunes with Rabbi Tamir Granot and musicians.
Entry for each panel 30 Shekels, 50 Shekels for two panels. Free entry to participants in Piyyut session