The Festivals as seen in the doctrine of “ASHAN “

אודי וייס

אודי וייס

A study session with live music on the subject of the Hebrew calendar with Uri Weill
Influenced by the kabbalistic notion of “ashan” ( Hebrew abbreviation for world / time / soul )we will delve into an existential discussion of the revealed and hidden meanings of the Hebrew Calendar .

Places , history and present events (world ) : the world of nature , agriculture and the annual cycle in the modern world (time ) and the inner world of man and his soul (soul ) /
Lec tures accompanied by Jewish, traditional and Israeli music with refreshments and wine.

Program suitable for all sectors of the Israeli population.
Tuesday 24/7/2018 at 20.00 IN HONOR OF 15th AV TU B’AV SPECIAL PROGRAM

Love – compassion – and comfort in the Tu be’av traditions : a day filled with love but with hidden depths and mystery

Free admittance
Brodet Center, Tel Aviv