The Festivals as seen in the doctrine of “ASHAN “

אודי וייס

אודי וייס

A study session with live music on the subject of the Hebrew calendar with Uri Weill
Influenced by the kabbalistic notion of “ashan” ( Hebrew abbreviation for world / time / soul )we will delve into an existential discussion of the revealed and hidden meanings of the Hebrew Calendar .

Places , history and present events (world ) : the world of nature , agriculture and the annual cycle in the modern world (time ) and the inner world of man and his soul (soul ) /
Lec tures accompanied by Jewish, traditional and Israeli music with refreshments and wine.

End of a period and beginning of a period – in preparation for High Holiday Festivals of Tishrei
We will delve into the hidden depths of the New Year and the month of Tishrei in the texts of the Torah and the Kabbalah utilizing concepts of conception, pregnancy and birth as a foundation of the world of forgiveness and reformation ( “ tikkun “) of the months of Ellul and Tishrei

Tuesday 28/8/2018 at 20.00
Free admission
Brodet Center, Tel Aviv