The Brodt Institute for Jewish Culture in association with Megalim Institute of the City of David in a special conference which include a series of fascinating historical lectures , musical performance and spoken word performance .
A Jerusalem experience at its best

18.45 Opening and gathering

First course. Biblical Archaeology
19:00-20:00 Auditorium: Professor Oded Lifshitz- The south of Israel at the 10th century BCD and the dispute over the unified kongdom
20:00 Break
20.15-21.00 Auditorium : Professor Joseph Gaarfinkel . New discoveries from the Kingdom of David from the ruins of Kiafeh and el Roi

Second course. New discoveries at the City of David excavations
History, Bible and What Happened. The hidden story of the House of Judah
19:00-20:00 Lower Hall: Nachson Zanton The pilgrims ‘ road from the days of the Second Temple in the light of the latest excavations
20:00- 20.15 Break
20:15-21:00 Lower hall: Doctor Avi Salomon . In the depths of the tunnel new finds in the Western Wall tunnels.

21.15 Auditorium : Performance Jerusalem melodies
Lower Hall : Spoken Word performance- Jerusalem – Tel Aviv

Thursday 14/6/2018 from 18.00 – 22.30
Tickets at reduced price for advanced bookings till the 7/6 at 49 Shekels
Full price thereafter at 59 Shekels