Etti Ankri- Ya Amana

Etti Ankri

An intergenerational performance for women- Ya-Amna (Our Mother)

Ya-Amna is Etti Ankri’s latest album. It is a Tunisian album that summarizes a five-year journey through the history of Tunisian women’s music. This music was passed down from one generation to the next and preserved an ancient tradition of melody, rhythm and philosophy. Ankri is a link in a chain of female singers, who first heard these songs from her grandmother, Mama Zehyerei, and later from her mother. In this performance, Ankri continues the tradition of the women in her family and hosts her daughter, Maayan, representing the next generation to receive this legacy, and her son Michael, who will accompany them on the piano.

The performance also features songs such as Baruch Haba Bashabbat and Sara Bat Asher (which can already be heard on the radio), as well as music from her other albums, including liturgy by Rabbi Yehudah Halevi, Hanigun Shelach and more.


Michael Linik – Piano and synthesizer

Maayan Linik – Singer and percussion instruments

Einat Harel – Drums

Sharon Avivi – Oud

Brodt Center Auditorium

Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 9:00 PM | NIS 80

Tickets available at 03-6954522 or on the Brodt Center website