‘The Rooster in a Blue Shirt’


Favorite Hebrew Songs: Community Singing
with Yossi Lev and Friends

‘The song hasn’t ended, it has just begun…’ That line, concluding a poem by Natan Alterman, is the starting point for another musical journey that will take us, once a month, to a rendezvous with the foremost composers of Hebrew song in recent times. Our guide will be Yossi Lev and guest artists will participate.

‘The Rooster in a Blue Shirt’

This evening is devoted to songs of the Zionist youth movement songs and of the ‘Russians’ who loved to sing them. Appearing with Yossi Lev, our guest artist will be the singer Lior Yeini, a member of the original Tarnegolim (‘Roosters’) ensemble, who will perform some of his well-known numbers ― ‘Ha-Tarnegolim’, ‘Hamtzitzim’, ‘Halokh Halekhah Hahevraya’, ‘Be-Dumiyah’, Agadah Yapanit’, ‘I Like Mike’ and many others.

Saturday night, March 24, 2012, Brodt Center, at 9 p.m.
Tickets: NIS40 in advance, NIS 50 on the night.