Alma Zohar


In this exotic musical tour of Israel, together with producer Assi Ayalon, Alma Zohar sings well-known and less familiar numbers from her two albums, as well as a few additional surprises.

A distinguishing feature in Alma’s world vision, from the start of her career, has been the spirituality reflected in songs like ‘Da’, ‘Mitzrayim’ and ‘Galut Bavel Ha-Shniyah’, which portray faith as seen by a person moving between two worlds and holding onto both in a single grasp. These songs are accompanied by a few of her well-loved numbers, such as ‘Shir Ahavah Indiani’ ‘Hitragashti Likratekh’ and ‘Ego Trip’, bringing a new air to the show.

Saturday night, March 17, 2012, Brodt Center, at 10 p.m.
Tickets: NIS 50 in advance, NIS 60 on the night.