A Jewish House of Learning

benny lau

It wasn’t thanks to ‘Four for 100’ tradesmen that Jews became known as ‘The People of the Book’. They gained this title on the strength of the Bet ha-Midrash (‘House of Study’) which was, from age to age, the central feature of their communal institutions. A place of learning, interpretation and debate, it fostered a lively dialogue between different voices in the community, between the scholars of olden times who speak to us now through their books, and between all of them and the Torah – the source of authority and inspiration, yet many-faceted and open to differing explanations as well.

We invite you to join us each Tuesday at the Brodt Center’s communal Bet Midrash, in association with the Yahad Community, for a study session on varying issues and topics. These will include the following:

• Jewish Prayers: how they came into being; the purpose they serve;
their established form; and the achievement of kavvanah in prayer.
• Social justice: A study of the different treatments of this question
by our Sages with reference to the economy and a just society.
• The Family: procreation and marital sex; status of the fetus; the
parent-child relationship, etc.

The first part of each study session will be held in a havruta framework (independent study within a small group). In the second part, Dr. Hannah Friedman will give a concluding talk. No previous knowledge is required, only the participant’s intellectual curiosity and readiness to work independently.

Approximately once a month, the Bet Midrash will play host to a guest lecturer who will deal with topics of the hour in accordance with the Hebrew calendar.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 – 12 Adar
Rabbi Benny Lau: ‘Megillat Ester without fancy dress ― an Israeli reading.’
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 – 4 Nisan:
Rabbanit Malkah Piotrekovsky: ‘Free choice, responsibility and liberty ―
from Egypt up to now.’

Tuesday of each week, Bet Midrash at the Brodt Center, 8.30–10 p.m.
No charge for admission to the study sessions; NIS 20 for the guest lectures.