לימוד ישראל בשיתוף הפדרציה היהודית של צפון אמריקה ומרכז ברודט לתרבות יהודית, יארחו מפגש מיוחד לרגל ה-GA ( הכנס השנתי של מנהיגי הפדרציה היהודית של צפון אמריקה שמתקיים בתל–אביב)
יהודים שבדרך כלל לא מדברים על יהדות- אישי ציבור, מנכ"לים, פרופסורים ועוד דנים ועוסקים ביהדות יחד עם הופעות מיוחדות ומפתיעות

22.10 | יום שני
ציטלין, תל אביב

הכנס יתקיים בשפה האנגלית


"The Shared Destiny of the Jewish People"

Fascinating Talks & Learning With Israeli Thinkers, Leaders & Decision Makers

Including performances, wine tastings, & powerfully meaningful engagement

Date: Monday Evening October 22nd 2018

Time: 7pm-11pm

Venue: Brodt Center for Jewish Culture

Address: 22 Zeitlin Street, Tel Aviv – Next to Kikar Rabin

Cost: 36NIS

Limmud Israel – Tel Aviv After Dark

In the great tradition of Limmud events worldwide, our Limmud Israel event is sure to deliver a tremendous quality of speaker and attract a diverse vibrant community of attendees. Our evening will host some of the top thinkers, leaders and decision makers of Israeli society from a wide range of backgrounds including the world's of finance, high-tech, politics, and media. Our speakers are not coming to officialy represent any specific demonination of Jewish values beyond their own ideals, making this event supra-demoninational. Each talk will revolve around the broad concept of "The Shared Destiny of the Jewish People" and include a Q&A session with the audience. Included in the evening will be wine tastings thanks to Golan Heights Winery, performances, and more…

Stay tuned for a complete list of speakers and final evening schedule. Note that most talks will be held in-English, specifically in honor of the Jewish Federations of North America's General Assembly that is being hosted in Tel Aviv. Limmud is honored to partner with the GA and look forward to hosting a great mix of Jews from around Israel and the world this evening.

Natan Sharansky, Michael Eisenberg Alef VC, Ruth Calderon, Einat Wilf, John Medved Ceo at OurCrowd, Golan Heights Winery tasting class, Chazanut School singing class, Gil Troy Zionist Author, David Horovitz & Sarah Tutle Singer from Times Of Israel

התוכנית המלאה ולינק להרשמה :

BRODT CENTER – 03-6954522